Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I had been meaning to check in on this place for a good while, but just couldn't ever find the time.
First, I had a major falling out with a "best friend" who wrote malicious things about me on her myspace for about a month, oh, and I happened to live with her and the lease wasn't up until the end of October. Fun times. Very bitter, juvenile person.I had to move outta there, but as a parting gift I cut off the electricity in the place two days before she got the keys to her new apt. Take that!
My ex and I got back together, I can't quite remember if I said that in my last post,but we did, as he was departing on this long deployment. I was a bit apprenhensive because I'm pretty sure he is the one who gave me herpes, but the deployment he just left for was more important than being tested. It eventually just wittled down to we didn't even care, we still had a wonderful relationship and sex life. Over his thanksgiving leave last week, he proposed to me, and I accepted!
As far as resolve: By the time me test time came around in mid-October, I had honestly forgotten about the whole resolve ordeal. Even if I had remembered, I wouldn't have wanted to waste my money. Strangely enough, Resolve never attempted to contact me in any way to see how I was doing. Wonder Why.
I have the feeling that resolve really damaged my body though. All of this is speculation, but hear me out: A couple of weeks after my test date, where it would have shown that I had no antibodies for the virus, I got a strange rash on my right bicep. It looked like the chicken pox, but it was limited to that small space on my bicep. I never had the chicken pox, I got vaccinated when I was 13. I find it strange that a couple of weeks after I would have no antibodies, when antibodies started to build back up (as they did with Love and Fighter, when they retested and had made more) I broke out in what looked like, well, the chicken pox. Which kinda makes me wonder, what other good things could it have wiped off my system? Sitting here typing this I realize other things I have been vaccinated for that could be at risk, like hepatitis?
I don't know, but every since then my body is kinda actin weird, I also believe I am actually getting little herpes OB's. Wouldn't notice them if I wasn't looking though, they are very mild. Anyway, I'm going to end this novel, and wish everyone well! I will be back, leave comments!

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