Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Day 9 Post Detox

Howdy everyone! I met with a friend last night, that I haven't seen in about a year, and he just volunteered to me that his ex gave him herpes.He doesn't know that I have it, and he seemed like he wanted to cry when he told me. I was elated when he told me, because now I have someone to relate too! I don't feel so alone anymore. We went to buffalo wild wings and just drank and relaxed together.
Everything is hunky dorey is the vajayjay region, matter of fact everything is hunky dorey in all aspects of my life. I don't post every day, but I do read the updates everyday, and I just adore all of you. I so hope this works, I would endure outbreaks for the rest of my life if you guys could be OK.
Please,please hang in there, and when times are rough, look at what you do have, not what you don't,Ok?

Monday, July 20, 2009

Day 1 Post Detox

Ah...no more hauling a huge jug of organic juice to work with me. I am going to keep drinking plenty of water, getting exercise, and keeping my hopes up until test day.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Step 2 Day 14

Did you get light headed and dizzy on step 1. My blood pressure will not stabilize. I can't wait until this is over. I'm not looking forward to step 2, but if this is going to work, I have to try it. Good Luck

No, I don't believe I experienced any of those symptoms. I think it is more important to eat before your doses in Step one than it is in step 2, so be sure you are getting some real food in before you take them. During step 2, I forgot my juice once and had to take a does with water, I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND DOING THIS. First off, it tasted so bad I almost threw up, second, about an hour after taking it I got all shaky and just wasn't feeling good at all. So, the most important thing with step 2 is: Don't forget your juice.

Today is my last day on step 2! Tomorrow I begin my state of remission..or whatever you could call it. October just doesn't seem to far away... I can't remember my exact test date, but if I remember correctly it is mid-october. I feel fine, got a haircut a couple of days ago, just enjoying my summer. I am crossing my fingers, and still have never had an OB. Best of Luck to all of you.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Step 2 Day 13

I have a had a hectic week...been keeping up with my doses though. Im on my third bottle of organic juice, and tomorrow is my last day. I can't wait until I don't have to carry around these minerals anymore, they're just so cumbersome. I feel great,best of luck to "Fearfully Hopeful" as she tests next week.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Step 2 Day 5

Just taking it slow....coming to terms with HSV being in my body. I'm pretty sure resolve is BS y'all. I'm going to finish as I only have 9 days left, and I will test in October, but I'm not expecting too much.
Life goes on, there are still many things to experience out there(Many beaches to surf, in my case). Keep going, keep improving, keep looking up. Don't let a little bug that decided to take up residence in your body control you. You control you body, never forget that. All of the blissfully ignorant people going about transmitting this because they have too much pride to be tested, well, we are better than they are because we take responsibility for our sexual health, and obviously, care about other people's as well.
It is a slap in the face when someone makes a cruel statement about HSV, but what do they know? Probably not a whole lot, given the lack of effective sex education in this country(An absolute shame on the government).
I've read a lot about HSV in my now three months of knowing, and read a lot of stories and plights of people who have had this for years. My heart goes out to everyone, and I will not stop fighting back until I am cured and you are too.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Step 2 Day 2

Quick question! While reading other blogs, people mentioned that step 2 is a bit smelly. I am going on vacation and will be starting step 2. I want to be as discreet as possible and not have to explain what I am taking. Is it a way to neutralize the smell? Does it linger in the air or on your breath? Please help!

I am only on Day 2 of this step...and would not want to travel with this step al all. The apple juice I use seems to cover up any odor it may give off, but we will see as I increase in dosage. I don't know if you've read my whole blog, but I had to make a weekend trip to California a couple of weeks ago, on a whim, and had to drag my minerals with me on TWO sets of connecting flights, plus being around two of my siblings and like five cousins. It was horrible, and I couldn't imagine bringing this huge jug of apple juice I have with me anywhere. When people asked what I'm taking, and my family is pretty nosy, just tell them it's a dietary supplement, h*ll, it says it on the bottles. The worst they will do is go on about your weight or something lol.

Hope this helps you...I'm definitely no expert on the subject, but with step two...you ave your glass,dosage cup, minerals, AND apple juice to worry about..eek.

Step 2 Day 1

Ahhhh....so I started step 2 today. For those of you that just ordered the minerals...take my advice here: MIX THE STEP 2 MINERALS ON YOUR DAY OFF BETWEEN STEP 1 and 2 Don't be a tard like I was and mix them up for them to be all hot when you need to take them...duh. Remember to use bottled water too...I used tap water, in another act of straight tardedness, but I emailed resolve and they said it was OK.
Anyway...my downstairs area feels...funny. That is the best word I can come up with, really. Not tingly, not hot, not itchy, no sores or blisters or anything like that, just different I guess. I had a bit of odor earlier too...(Sorry guys, but I'm keeping it real here.)
Anyway....blessings and good will :)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Day 35

Ah...so tomorrow is my last day on Step 1 and July 4. It's really almost over, gosh. I've been trying really hard to not drink while doing this, but I got a little overboard with the Pina Coladas on Monday. I really couldn't help it. :D
I feel fine, the only side effect I have lately is kind of odd, but here goes...I've been getting the hiccups REALLY easily. Don't know if it is because of resolve, but I'm not used to getting the hiccups so often.
Anyway, to everyone that reads this...watch some fireworks, eat watermelon, be safe, and dont worry to much about this obnoxious virus. Enjoy your country's independence day :) If you aren't American and you read this, well, I'll eat a watermelon in your honor :D

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Day 33

Been pretty depressed all week, continuing on my regimen with resolve though. Today, the lymph node in my right armpit was really irritating me. I hope it settles down tomorrow. I ran out of Bottle B today, so I going to use Bottle C for both doses for the next three days, I have enough and resolve said that it would be OK to do that. Love and prayers from this girl in Texas.