Thursday, August 13, 2009

Day 23 Post Detox

Yeek. Put your pants on one leg at a time is still positive. Who are we kidding y'all? I'm not trying to be a pessimist,but this is obviously one of many "cure" scams out there. I am tempted to bring this junk,as I still have my unused portions, to a specialist so they can tell me what it is and what it does. I'm guilty as well, but really, if this was a *cure* don't you think more people would know of this. I read the thread on on this stuff and apparently Dave is a known con.
I joined this site before I read that, but *oh well* I'm still going to get a western blot to confirm my diagnosis.
I sure wish Fighter would make an appearance, to see how she is doing :)
I wish there really was a cure :(


  1. I thought that itcanbedonein2009 results came back negative, she emailed me on 8/13 and advised that they were indeed negative for HSV.

  2. Okie Dokie, I’m stealing someone's computer right now just to put this rumor to an end, i got like 3 minutes to type this, i got the Labcorps version on the Quest Labs Western Blot which is a partial Igg antibodies test. My GP doesn't know her ass from her elbow and just looked at where it said positive and told me over the phone that i was positive, i went in got the sheet, snapped a pic of it and sent it to resolve, Dave called me to congratulate me that i was NEGATIVE. I said whaaaaaaa? he said look at the fine print on the bottom… which I did and it says that (translation version) that all the virus is out of my system and that the only trace of that the virus was ever in my system is that I have the antibodies. Which the test looks for the antibodies and immediately says, your positive…. Which is false. This WAS NOT the Western Blot, I’m going to get the Western Blot when I can find a Quest Labs that actually does the western blot………. That’s another story. So spread the word… and help stop this disheartening rumor…. Tell those to keep their heads high…. I kicked herpes ass…. And his friend HPV. I’ll try and post the next time someone is stupid enough to leave their laptop laying around…(cue the evil laugh) BWA HA HA HA HA

  3. Great! "Negative" is always music to my ears!! lol