Saturday, August 22, 2009

Day 32 Post Detox

Just thought I'd stop by and say hello. I feel fine, and the vajayjay feels fine too.
I've actually come back to speaking terms with her too...not that I really talk to my vajayjay,but for a while there I couldn't even bring myself to look at it. I wish I had something a bit more interesting to say, but I just feel good, no symptoms of anything. Wish it could go a bit faster though! Mid October is when I test.


  1. Just wanted to share this. Someone who works at the CDC with infectious blood said herpes doesn't live in your blood and the antibodies are only found in the blood-that herpes lives in your central nervous system and if you are going to have the Igg test it will show the antibodies, but it wont show the virus because the virus is not in the blood

  2. Hang in there girl!!! I was supposed to test in sept but I had an OB so I'm doing the booster and now I'll test in october too.

    Anonymous: So are you saying it doesnt matter what a blood test says, that we will all still have H anyway?