Sunday, September 6, 2009

Day 47 Post Detox

OOOO....this sucks. Everybody seems so depressed :( Strangely, the fact that resolve doesn't work isn't chapping my @$$ as much as I would expect it to. $300 down the drain does kinda upset me though, but that's what scams are, they take your money, and they prey on desperate folks like us who can only *dream* of a cure for herpes.
What does bother me though, is the fact that as of Thursday morning, I began vomiting, had fever chills,and ran a 104 temperature. I was getting better until Saturday morning I woke up suddenly and my junk...burned. I also had trouble going #1 so I had to take some AZ0s.
Now, on Sunday, my tonsil on the left side still feels like it wants to explode, I have a runny nose and mucus discharge,a small bit of thrush in my mouth, and a mysterious stomach ache to boot.
I may just be vengeful, but this seems to me to be as a result of resolve.It seems that resolve wipes out you bodies natural defenses(i.e. Herpes antibodies) and me being this sick is my body trying to readjust and build its defenses back up. I don't remember ever being this sick, it's ridiculous.
I'll still keep you guys posted though, as I may go to the hospital later on tonight or tomorrow morning if I don't feel better. Otherwise, hang in there, don't let anything get you down ;)


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  1. Sorry to hear you arent feeling well...that sucks. I hope it gets better. And of course we will stay intouch :) Im still gonna blog about other stuff I'm gonna try...I just had to give myself a reality check last week and do a few things to get my mind right before I commit to any other internet wonder products. A person who reads my blogs and emails me sent me some things to try and Fearfully Hopeful got Monolaurin so she is gonna let me know how that goes. For now though, I'm just gonna take the acyclovir and wait on my blood test papers to come in the mail before I jump into anything else. I hope you feel better...take care of yourself and I look forward to reading your next post...stay Optimistic :)