Saturday, July 4, 2009

Day 35 tomorrow is my last day on Step 1 and July 4. It's really almost over, gosh. I've been trying really hard to not drink while doing this, but I got a little overboard with the Pina Coladas on Monday. I really couldn't help it. :D
I feel fine, the only side effect I have lately is kind of odd, but here goes...I've been getting the hiccups REALLY easily. Don't know if it is because of resolve, but I'm not used to getting the hiccups so often.
Anyway, to everyone that reads some fireworks, eat watermelon, be safe, and dont worry to much about this obnoxious virus. Enjoy your country's independence day :) If you aren't American and you read this, well, I'll eat a watermelon in your honor :D

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  1. Hope you're feeling better than last week!!! Glad to hear step 1 is almost over; now just step 2 and you will be that much closer to the end of this whole ordeal. Hang in there and I hope you had a great weekend :-)