Monday, June 8, 2009

Day 10

I'm at my Mom's house for a couple of days, going to little sister's high shool graduation in the morning (commence the awww....) It's kind of odd when your little siblings are taller than you....and you can't boss them around anymore. Admit it, we all bossed around the little siblings.
I have a headache right now...a very small one. It seems as each little effect I notice is very mild, and if I wasn't keeping an eye out for them, I probably wouldn't notice them at all.
1. Acne
2. Southern area acne
3. swollen lymph nodes
4. headaches

Those are all of symptoms I've had so far...and all have been very,very mild.
I step up to 10 mL tomorrow...and have been very good about taking all of my doses each day and drinking plenty of water as well. I don't drink, but I have had a few cigarettes since I started the detox (When I say a few, I mean like one a day) I'm doing everything pretty normally...I have a coke to drink if I feel like it, that sort of stuff. Resolve said that you didn't have to go on a special diet while you're on the detox, and I don't eat unhealthily by any means, but I'm not a health nut either. I like to keep a happy medium, because resistance to chocolate is futile for me. :)
Anyway, enough rambling about my eating habits...I got my pin number from tstd from the test I took in March, so here it is for all to enjoy: 425758-8643800
I hope I never have to look a positive results again.

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