Saturday, June 13, 2009

Day 15...second time around

I was checking my calender last night...and somehow I got ahead a day. I thought it would be best to repeat day 15, and get back onb track, but I went on ahead and emailed resolve, so hopefully they agree.
Had a pretty emotional outburst last night, It's been 2 and half months since I was diagnosed with this, and last night was the first time I allowed myself to cry about it. I don't like to cry, so I don't let myself do it too often...I take it as a sign of weakness. I can only imagine how some of you who have had this for years feel. Society is cruel to people with this disease, or any STD for that matter. I'm on your side!
Lastly, ask and ye shall receive I suppose, because last night when I was laying awake as usual, it hit me at about six am. My nose drained, I started coughing, and got a headache. I FINALLY fell asleep at about 8 am and woke up still feeling pretty bad. I guess I got my wish, now let's see if I get the one I really test negative.

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