Sunday, June 21, 2009

Day 23

OH holy large sore on my rear end! I went to LA for the weekend, which just totally threw me off on my dosage. First, before I left, I was grabbing my luggage off and stool, and I hadn't zipped it yet, so as it fell, ALL my stuff, including my bottles, hit the floor. I think this is where I lost my doasge cup, so I had to run to a drug store first upon arrival. Friday was crazy too, I didn't get my first dose in until about 5 pm. I didn't get all the water I like to have while I was there either. I ate terribly too, mostly because my family that I was with likes burger joints...I did the best I could but not as good as I'd like. *sigh*
My luggage was "randomly" searched both ways... maybe because of the three large bottles tucked away at the bottom of the bag? I was so irritated though when I got home today, and opened my luggage and one of my bras was damp...bottle B leaked on the way home(Why God, Why?) I have about a quarter bottle left, and it's hard to tell if it will last, so I'm about to email resolve to ask what I should do if I run out.
As far as symptoms...I'm still coughing up a little mucus..I was a little embarrassed on the plane when I coughed a little. I didn't think people would buy it if I told them I wasn't sick I am detoxing lol. Better to cough a little than have bad BO on the plane, like the guy I sat next to from Minneapolis to Dallas. Oh, and then there is this sore on my left butt cheek that erupted Saturday. If the one I had on my face the other day was pimplezilla, then this is his Mom. I can feel it through my jeans.
Anyway, I didn't get to go surfing because it was like 60 degrees outside the whole weekend, and my $150 digital camera was stolen in Hollywood somewhere. So, I'm glad to be home... hope everyone else is doing ok!

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  1. Hey there, sorry to hear you had such a rough weekend! I had a sore on my butt too, it didn't come to anything, it went down, but I still have a mark where it was and it's still the size of a dime or so. I'm hoping it will fade away. Hope everything works out...glad to hear you're still positive and keeping your head up!