Friday, June 12, 2009

Day 15

I was reading one of my medical books yesterday(I am a med student, with plans to study...HIV. I just so happen to have H) and one of my text books says "taking certain antiviral drugs can drop HIV levels in the blood so low that it is undetectable, but the person is still a carrier of the virus." This got my mind working but there are a few problems with it first:
1) This is HIV, not HSV.
2) Resolve is not an antiviral (At least I don't think it is)
3) My textbook does not say that being "undetectable" means that the carrier will test negative when they do in fact have the virus. (Though I assume thats what it means)
Just brainstorming...I'm kind of a nerd.

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  1. Very you're thinking maybe Resolve will help us drop HSV "below the radar" but that we may still be carrying the virus and can pass to others? My paranoid ass had already had thoughts of that when I first ordered!!! But my rational part of my brain calmed me and convinced me that this isnt likely because from what understand, once someone has been exposed to a virus, the anti-bodies for that virus are always present so for us to test negative, in my theory atleast, would mean that Resolve did what it claimed it would and cured us...I'm no expert though, just extremely hopeful.As far as not sleeping, step 1 had me pretty wrestless most nights too...I guess thats why I dont mind getting tired from step 2 so got a lot of sleep to catch up on :-)As far as our issues go, I'd love to work through them if that is a possibilty...haha...Well, have a great day :-)