Thursday, June 25, 2009

Day 27

OHHH Holy menstrual cramps today!! R.I.P Michael Jackson...Im a huge fan, and despite his personal issues, he made amazing contributions to the music industry.

So, the southern pimples I had are gone today.

On Love's situation, I am going to give resolve the benefit of the doubt. Take cancer patients for example. Chemotherapy works for some, but not all. Sometimes it works, and then the cancer comes back. What is important to remember for all of us dealing with H, is that, like some cancer patients who go through chemotherapy for up to several years(Please don't forget how brutal chemo is), it may take a while. Yes, it says on the website 90 days. We are all different, I will be as patient as I have too.
I may suffer some repercussion for posting this, but I, and anyone else trying this understood the risk when we spent our money and committed ourselves emotionally and physically. If one day I am proven wrong, I'll admit it.

BTW...I am on yahoo as bionic_baby2001, if anyone would like chat with me sometime. I am quite friendly and entertaining lol. Oh...and the reason why I have weird usernames on some things is because I created them when I was like lie.

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