Friday, June 5, 2009

Day 8 "Has anyone seen my lymph nodes?"

So later on that night after posting, I got a headache, went to sleep, and the next morning felt completely fine. No more lymph node action. I miss it because it kinda made me say YAY, it is working, even though tender lymph nodes meant a little discomfort. The instructions say all of the side effects shouldn't last more than five days, or you should drop back on doses, so I'm wondering if that was a good thing.
With the exception of a few pesky pimples, I feel fine. I am pretty young, and have always had a pretty good immune system, plus I was just diagnosed with H, so I'm pretty confident about this working for me.
Anyway, I know you are all dying to see my positive results that I got in April, and I'm dying as well to post them, because I am a real person, really suffering with H. I don't want to be written off as someone that works for resolve, because I do not. I'm just like you :) I lost the pin number they gave me, or I think I may have just eliminated it from my email because I was so worked up over finding out I had H at the time. I am going to call tstd today to try to retrieve it, and it I am not able to do that, I will go get tested next week sometime,solely for the sake of this blog and all of those who read it and are curious about this product.
Until next time!

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  1. It's great that your lymph nodes are no longer swollen, but I know the feeling of getting a symptom and wondering whats going on with the detox when it's gone. I hardly ever have outbreaks and have only had one so far on the detox. When I got the outbreak, oddly enough I was happy because I felt like that was the detox pushing the virus out my body. It only lasted maybe a week and I havent had one since...even though I HATE THEM, I was wondering why if my system is clearing out, am I not getting more? Lets stay positive for each other though!!! Since we are taking the product we may as well be as optimistic as possible and believe that our outcome will be what Resolve claims. I believe you are a real person and I appreciate you sharing your experience. I will continue to follow your blog because it is supportive to me and know that I am here to support you as well!!!