Sunday, June 14, 2009

Day 16 Pimplezilla has attacked!

I lay awake in bed last night as usual, and finally I cracked under pressure and took a sleeping pill. I don't like to put things in my body, ever, especially while I'm on resolve, as I don't want to exhaust my body, and don't want to run the risk of disturbing the minerals. I sound like I'm just totally in tune with nature here lol. I'm going to email resolve in a moment to ask about sleeping aids, even though the one I take is all natural. I'm pretty sure they are sick of hearing from me by now, but they are always polite and very prompt on replies.
I feel better than yesterday, although my throat is still a little sore, and I still have a a bit of sinus pressure, and some nasal drainage. Nothing debilitating, I'm up and about, but I'm going to ask resolve if I should drop back a few doses or if I should just continue along.
I also have a HUGE zit on my fore head. It almost looks like I have a horn. Like I said in an earlier post, I never broke out as a teenager and to do it now is messing with my head. I'm resisting the urge to pop it so it doesn't scar..but it's tempting.
I nicknamed it pimplezilla.
I'm going to go attempt to find a flight to california this friday, on a stupid business thing that was dropped on me just in the past week (Thanks to my family). At least I get to go surfing, sheesh.

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  1. California huh? It's great!!! That's where I'm from :-) About the pimples, even the one's I didn't pop ended up scarring...I think it's just the nature of the "Resolve Pimples". I haven't read any blogs on Resolve where people haven't experienced the pimples from HELL!!! Hopefully you'll have better luck with them than I did...that's the symptom I experienced the most, and even though my skin is pretty clear now, there is lots of evidence left of those pimples :-( Oh well, that's what all my make-up is for :)