Thursday, June 18, 2009

Day 19

Ahhh...logged on to check everything and the two newest updates from people were pure good news, so I have to keep the good vibe going by posting something good too :)
I haven't had any trouble sleeping for two days in a row now! Finally! Hooray for this slumbering seaturtle.
I had some downstairs tingling going on about two days ago, but it went away the next day, so I'm going to say on day 17? I dunno, but it went away the next day. Like I've said before, I've never had a outbreak, and if I could go through my entire herpes experience without one...that would be even better. I was having a pretty bad day when I had the tingles, which is probably why I didn't post, I really thought I was having the prodome to an even WORSE day. But, two days later I feel fine again. Still a runny nose and the occasional hacking up of mucus, but better than an OB.
My sleep will be short lived, I have a 7 am flight to catch in the morning, ugh. I tell you guys, I am so not happy about having to go. I'll tell you this too, my crazy sibling is convinced that she and I are going to go to a club on Saturday night in West Hollywood and actually get in...WOW isn't she a dreamer. I told her even if we do make it in, I assure you my broke a$$ can't afford to be there. I'm going to tell her to do whatever she wants and I'm going to stay on the beach where it is safe :)
Of course, I'm about to email resolve to see if the minerals are OK to put in my luggage, I know they probably were flown over here from NZ in the first place, but that was when they were in concentrated form. Airlines don't allow you to carry bottles with you in yoyur carry-ons anymore, which I found out the hard way on a trip to Costa Rica last month. I figure the best thing to do is put the minerals at the bottom of my suitcase with my clothes and whatnot securing them in place. And cross my fingers that they don't lose my luggage...I have connecting flights both ways..eek.


  1. Oh yeah, what was the good news about in the updates you saw? I'm eager to know...I saw Techie's good news but I'm wondering what the other news is...